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The issue with the MQM-P is that they have failed to create a unique vote base that could give them an edge. So until they sort out what they have to offer to old MQM voters, they will need to hide behind the boycott tactics. It is definitely a gain and a comeback for the PPP as the party always struggled to win seats in Karachi. Credit should healthnord go to the party’s Karachi’s leadership and administrator who ran an impressive campaign and highlighted the PPP-led Sindh government’s recent development progress such as People’s Bus Services. However, when one looks at the advantages the PPP has over other parties, the results of the elections call for more contemplation than celebration.

Nalin Lease Finance standalone net profit rises 83.33% in the December 2022 quarter

However, the mini-budget envisages the levy of withholding tax on bank transactions of non-filers projected to generate 45 billion rupees — a tax previously imposed but lifted because it increased the large parallel non-formal economy further contracting the formal economy. FM Bhutto-Zardari was in Russia on a two-day official visit during which both sides, according to APP, agreed to pursue initiatives to deepen bilateral cooperation in various fields, including education, economy, energy and connectivity. The prime minister travelled to Peshawar on an emergency visit, where he will be briefed by local officials and visit those wounded by the blast. The mosque is within managementers a high-security police headquarters area and a probe is under way into how the bomber got in. As universities in Africa desperately strive to increase their output of PhD graduates to meet the needs of academia and research, some scholars are pointing out the need to rethink PhD education in order to build alternative career pathways for doctoral candidates. Protracted student protests at a New Delhi-based regional university, established in 2010 to facilitate cross-border study, have escalated in the wake of student expulsions and suspensions, with protesters calling for student groups across Asia to join their struggle for ‘accessible’ education in the region.

Hong Kong’s chief of security has warned against students demonstrating solidarity with protests on the Chinese mainland against stringent anti-COVID lockdown measures, some of which have escalated into protests against Chinese President Xi Jinping. Seven students from Dagon University, Yangon, and four other youth activists who took part in anti-regime protests in Myanmar have been sentenced to death by the military tribunal in closed trials for alleged involvement in the killing of a former army lieutenant colonel turned bank manager. Some Nigerian students who had been accepted at universities in the United Kingdom have had their enrolments cancelled and had to return home because they were unable verywellsecurity to pay their tuition fees due to a lingering foreign exchange crisis in the Nigerian banking system. Intergovernmental higher education organisations in Southeast Asia are working to set up a platform to bring together university researchers and policy-makers as part of building a common higher education space for the region that will also help countries achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The barring of women from all of Afghanistan’s universities, announced by the Taliban in December, could have a severe and lasting impact on the entire higher education sector. Many private universities are likely to shut up shop as the overall number of students declines after the ban.

Peshawar Mosque carnage: result a failed Afghan policy?

On this occasion, KDA DG Syed Muhammad Ali Shah said that after the agreement, medical cards were being issued by Jubilee Insurance to all the employees and officers of KDA. The existing system of treatment of retired employees would be continued and the provision of facilities to the employees of the organisation will solutionblades continue. They said that according to the policy of Sindh government to inculcate the Madaris across the Sindh into main stream education system, Jamia Ghazali is the first of its kind in Sindh, which has been given the status of a university, which will now equip students with religious and worldly education as well.


The party also expressed sorrow over the killing of veteran politician and progressive lawyer Lala Latif Afridi and observed one minute of silence in his memory. “As Pakistan nears another IMF loan, while the ruling elite rent seekers are the primary beneficiaries of such foreign loans, the debt is repaid by ordinary citizens,” he said. “The party is tcblackcar of the view that the lion’s share of the GDP is devoured by non-productive defence expenditure and foreign debt service. AWP Deputy General Secretary Aasim Sajjad said that there was need for an alternative economic and development model based on socialist principles, fair employment, and redistribution of resources and wealth to reduce inequality.

Public hearing shows poor support for non-EU tuition fees

For the second year in a row, record numbers of students and academics are leaving Hong Kong’s publicly funded universities – including some of the top universities in Asia, according to official figures – with experts pointing to declining freedoms as a decisive push factor. A government-imposed freeze on domestic student fees in South Korea has traditionally driven up the cost of tuition for international and graduate students. But now, some cash-strapped universities believe they have no option but to raise domestic healthcareversity fees – even if it means forfeiting government grants. In the wake of China’s economic downturn and concerns over a decline in college-age student numbers, the education ministry, after years of unbridled expansion, has directed provinces to rein in plans to build new universities and is now pushing a ‘quality over quantity’ line. Times Higher Education has again drawn on existing data from its rankings to produce another one, ‘Most International Universities in the World 2023’, directed mostly at students.

First-year students in all universities and higher learning institutions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will, starting from the next academic year, in January 2023, study compulsory military courses in order to acquire skills to defend their country whenever it is deemed necessary. Despite increasing international isolation over its role in the war in Ukraine, Russia is seeing increased demand from foreign students for places at Russian universities, including from Europe. It is increasing state-funded places by 30% and hopes to double the number of students from Europe.

One interesting element of the recent local government elections is that every party is claiming it has performed well and is ready to appoint its mayor. But a look at the voter turnout – which is not more than 20 per cent and with no clear majority – shows that every party has its share of failure. The PPP has shown quite a few times that, while it wants to champion autonomy at the federal level, it is reluctant to devolve power in Sindh, where the party has been ruling for over 14 years now. Separately, Sindh Rangers and police in a joint intelligence-based raid arrested two suspects involved in more than 150 cases of street crime. The spokesman for the paramilitary force said Wajid Ali and Bilal confessed to their involvement in more than 150 cases of robbery and street crime in different parts of the city. The motorcycle that they used for all the street crimes was recovered from their possession.